Lincoln – Liberation

Liberation. It’s the freedom that comes with knowing everything is taken care of. It is the ability to self-determine or self-direct, and the possibilities are endless.


‘The Sandman’ is a short film featuring the Trona, California High School Football team as they train and go through Hell Week in preparation for the upcoming Fall 2015 season.

“It makes Friday Night Lights look like a cakewalk.”

Hearts of Men

Hearts of Men is a feature-length film uniquely combining genres to communicate a deconstructed and timeless version of the prodigal son story. The film is interwoven with documentary style interviews of thought-leaders from around the country. Our arc with the story is to help men engage with their brokenness, their shame and their destructive behavior.



Set in the late 60’s, broken relationships and an astronomical event intertwine the various narrative threads – an abstract interpretation of the historical Christmas narrative.

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A limbless man travels the world to over 26 countries to spread his message of hope. Along the way fighting countless challenges and desperations. Follow him on his journy though his first ever docu web series.

The Lost Sheep

A modern day rendition of a biblical parable, “The Lost Sheep,” portrays a man who has hit rock bottom. He has pushed away everything in his life that is good. Refusing to accept reality, he has turned to the street for survival. Surrounding himself with people that can only hurt him. When it seems he has squandered away all hope of salvation, rescue comes in the form of the unexpected.