Born into a conservative home, Jacob was not allowed to watch movies until age 13. He saw his first movie in a theatre and like so many of us, was hooked. He spent his teenage years diving in head first, learning everything he could on his own via Internet and on the fly.

Shortly after going to school for business, Jacob moved to Los Angeles to pursue filmmaking. There, he began to work and volunteer on film shoots as a production assistant, learning everything he could on set. Between his business sensibility and emerging skill in leading a team of crew members, Jacob was recruited by a seasoned producer to work primarily on music videos.

Following his time as a producer, Jacob took that experience with him to start Sypher Films in 2013, with a mission to redefine how media is created and bring together creative people around the world to collaborate in safe and motivating environments. The company’s philosophy and subsequent execution are what has lead to Sypher’s second narrative project, Anomaly in 2014 which was a massive success online, featured on Vimeo Staff Picks, Gizmodo, MusicBed, etc… Now Available on Hulu.