“Every act of creation, is first an act of destruction.” ~Picasso

The horrors of the Syrian war are recounted through the eyes of 60-year-old artist and refugee Abu Raja as he embarks on his mission of sending a message to future Syrians through his sculptures. The film explores pain, loss, and the importance of creation in the face of overwhelming destruction. Shot in Ramtha, Jordan just 5 kilometers from the Syrian border where war continues to rage on. To give, go to: give.classy.org/killingtherock Director: Jake Viramontez Director of Photography: Tristan Nyby Produced by: Wjd Dhnie, Jens Jacob Executive Producer: James Shani Production Company: Madison + Vine, Sypher Films Co-Producer: Brent Madison Editor: Jake Viramontez Sound Design: Defacto Sound Original Music: Ryan Taubert Colorist: Bryan Smaller, Company 3 Story Editor: Jarod Shannon Shot on: Red Weapon Helium w/Kowa anamorphics.